Frequently asked questions

1. Can I start my online course anytime if I register for DMI Pro or DMI Pro Guided? 

Yes, you have 24 weeks’ access to the course content. 

2. If I decide to start with the DMI Pro, can I upgrade to DMI Pro Guided at any time? 

Yes. All you need to do is speak to one of our helpful staff.  

3. Is the exam a pass or fail Examination?

You are required to get 60% of the answers correct to pass the exam. You will receive a transcript after the exam to let you know which answers you got right and wrong.  

4. If I do fail can I retake the exam and if so, what is the fee to retake? 

You can take the exam a maximum of three times, which means you can re-take it twice after your first attempt. Each re-take costs €60.  

5. What type of support is provided via the tutor during the DMI Pro Guided? 

You will have a dedicated named tutor who you can email during the course for any academic questions.  

6. What are Tutorials

You will have regular one to one tutorial seminars throughout the course where you connect with a lecturer who will answer specific questions about the module you are studying, drilling down into some of the more difficult to understand parts of the course.

7. What is a Live Review Lecture

You will have a weekly live video lecture with one of our expert lecturers, where they will relate the module content to real life case studies from their careers, giving expert tips and tricks to boost your knowledge. 

8. What type of certificate will I receive?

You will receive a DMI Pro certificate from the Digital Marketing Institute, a globally recognised marketing certification. The DMI Pro has been credit rated, and is mapped against the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). If you choose to the study the DMI Pro Intensive London, you will also receive a certificate from Bayswater College.